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Saddle Apron Reassembly

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Headstock Disassembly

Model 1922 Logan Lathe 11" Headstock disassembly:

Nice paint job the renob who owned this before me did, eh?
Guy just sprayed the cone pulley...

Step 1: Remove the 4 Fillister head screws holding on the Bearing Cap.

Step 2: Remove Vee pulley set screws (both of 'em!).

Step 3: Remove both set screws from the collar.

Step 4: I pried the bearing cap off.
If you have a nice paint job, I wouldn't do that.

Step 5: I pried the spindle gear off. There's a woodruff key
underneath this, so it'll probably be tough to get off.
See below:

Do not do this. I thought that I should pry the ring off
of the spindle nose. It should not come off. This step
was a mistake.

Leave the ring on!

Step 6: I set my headstock up on blocks and put a piece of
wood underneath the spindle nose. Then I used a mallet
and pounded the spindle downward (from the back side)
and it eventually fell out of the headstock. It took a lot
of force and I've heard people recommend to NOT do it
this way. You might put too much impact on the headstock
bearings. I have no idea. I couldn't figure out how else to
get the spindle out. After doing that, this is how the
headstock bearing rolls:

Movie of me rolling the bearing. Can someone tell me
if that amount of friction is normal? Is it a good bearing?

Please contact me at
if you want more photos or other specific dimensions.
I'll be happy to get them.